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TSVV Gepidae is always happy to welcome new members! If you first want to train with us, you can fill in the interest form. The TC will then contact you as soon as possible. You do need a sports card for this (see below). To actually become a member of Gepidae, you have to fill in the registration form. Do you have questions about the training? Mail to Would you like to register with TSVV Gepidae? However, it is important that you ensure that a signature is placed on the form (as soon as possible after registration). This is how you give your permission to register as a member of Gepidae.

Fill in the registration form here.

Membership alteration
To change your membership at TSVV Gepidae, you must complete this form before 1 July. If you want to unsubscribe, you can also use the form before 1 July.

Sports card
If you want to play volleyball at TSVV Gepidae, you must be in possession of a sports card from the Sports Center of Tilburg University, which gives you access to the sports center. With a valid sports card you can participate in the sports program of Tilburg University and use all facilities of the sports center. You can purchase various subscriptions at the Sports Center; 12 months, 6 months and 1 month. In addition, it is possible to buy a sports card for 1 day, for example to train once. Look here for the current prices of the different types of sports cards.

When you register with TSVV Gepidae, you commit yourself to pay the contribution. The contribution is determined every year during the autumn ALV.

For for the 2020-2021 season, these are the contribution amounts:

MemberschipWhole seasonHalf season
Competition playing members  
Gents 1 (saturday)€ 113,-€ 66,50,-
Ladies 1 (saturday)€ 90,-€ 55,-
Ladies/Gents  (saturday)€ 85,-€ 52,50
Tuesday Teams € 70,- € 45,-
Non-Competition playing members€ 26,- n.v.t.
Arderikkers*€ 18,- n.v.t.
Beachmember/Trauwmembeer**€ 26,- n.v.t.
The Club of 25***€ 25,- n.v.t.

*Arderikkers are old volleyball members of TSVV Gepidae. So you can only become an Arderikker if you have played volleyball before at Gepidae.

** Trauw members are members who do not play volleyball but want to come to the activities of Gepidae.

*** The Club of 25 is an initiative for people who want to support TSVV Gepidae. As a member of the Club of 25 you have a warm heart for TSVV Gepidae. You support the association with an annual contribution of € 25. The proceeds from the donations are used for investments that benefit all members of TSVV Gepidae. Consider, for example, internal means of communication, such as the bulletin board, the website and the Gepidae app. So the money does not just disappear into the club fund. The Club of 25 is intended for anyone who wants to support TSVV Gepidae. Think of members, former members, friends and family or whoever. For former members with a heart for the association, this is the way to support the club without obligations. You can become a member by donating € 25 per season to TSVV Gepidae. This can be done by registering via the form on our website. Under the heading Volleyball à Forms you will find the form called ‘Club of 25’. After completing the form and the authorization, you have officially become a member of the Club of 25. You will of course receive a confirmation of this.