This is the official Corona Protocol of TSVV Gepidae for her competitions on Saturdays in the Sportscentre. We are really glad we can all invite you to come and play again, but we want to make sure we can do so in safety. That is why we ask everyone who participates in these competitions to read and follow the rules below. Share this with everyone in your teams and coaching, and please also share this with anyone who is interested to come watch our games, rules also apply to them. We hope to see you soon! Read the protocol carefully!

Before the games:

  • You are expected to cancel your participation in any activity at the Sportscenter in the case you have or have been in contact with someone who has any symptoms of COVID-19. Please get yourself tested before you participate.


  • You are expected to wear a face mask at all times within the accomodation. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule:
    • When warming up and when playing the match, players can remove their face mask. Players on the bench have to wear a face mask.
    • Coaches don’t have to wear a mask do remain understandable.

Times to enter the hall:

  • For Promotion Class and lower: you are welcome to enter the hall 30 minutes before your game starts
  • For Second division: you are welcome to enter the hall an hour before your game starts.
  • To be able to participate, we need you to register. This is a preventative measure so that we can help the GGD with their research if necessary. Registration will differ for multiple groups that will participate in the games. Please find your group and the measures you need to take below:

Opponent teams:

  • You need to hand in a list with information about the players and coaching you bring into the hall. This list should include all the full names of the players and coaches and their phone numbers and/or email addresses. If these lists could be made in advance that would be ideal and can be sent to, but the front office of the SportsCenter also has a few available.
  • You can enter the building through the emergency exit on the side of the building. Please do not go to the counter with the entire team!

Referees and counters:

  • Members of Gepidae: If you are assigned to count or referee a game, you can register for a game you are appointed to through the DMS portal of the SportsCenter. This way you can enter the SportsCenter through the gates and you become a registered participant. You can only enter at the appointed starting time, so please be on time.
  • External referees: Your name will be known at the Front Office. Please leave a telephone number or contact information so that we can register you.
  • Gepidae players:
    • You can enter with your account of the SportsCenter and the QR-scanner. You do not need to book a reservation, the account matched to the QR-scanner will grant you access to the hall. If the QR scanner is not functioning yet, you can give your name to the Front Office. They will open the gate for you.

The dressing rooms are closed. Make sure you come to the SportsCenter as fully dressed as you can. You are able to use the toilets but they are not meant as changing rooms.

During the games:

  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  • Please keep 1,5m distance from others. This also applies to teammates and coaching who are not inside the lines. Players on the bench, coaching and referees also need to keep this distance at all times. On the court and during warmup this rule does not apply.
  • Please refrain from all unnecessary touching and screaming. This includes high fives and shouting for points.
  • The cafeteria is closed, so please bring your own drinks and food. Please do not share your drinks or bottles with others.
  •  Always listen and adhere to the personnel of the SportsCenter and the appointed responsible members of Gepidae.
  • Do not hesitate to warn or help others when they do not stick to these rules. We expect everyone to behave accordingly, but please help each other to stick to the rules as well as we possibly can.


  • There will be NO audience allowed during the games.

After the games:

  • The dressing rooms remain closed. You leave the hall immediately after your game has ended. You do so by following the route that leads you to the fire exit at the far end of the hall. This is not the same way you entered.
  • If you start developing symptoms after the game, or in the days following the game, please get tested. When getting tested, do not take your own initiative and share this with teammates or others, but follow the advice of the GGD closely. They will advise your individual case and will perform contact-research, do not take that into your own hands. They will also share if it is okay to share your test results with Gepidae or your team.
  • If you are asked by the GGD to fill out any contact information for your sports activities at the Sportscentre, please use 013 466 3010 to reach our facilities.

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